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My name is Robert Price, I am a digital artist and designer. I enjoy creating digital paintings and posters. I love digital photography and I am able to create unique creations using my base photos. One of my specialties is creating posters of Comic - Con attendees. Click the Comic - Con Button to see examples.

Many of my projects start from word of mouth references.

My Services also  include restoring old photographs, colorizing black and white photos, conversion of photographs into works of art, and more...

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My background

I have been doing artwork of one kind or another all of my life. I have worked in many different Medias from oil painting, watercolors, to colored pencils and markers. I also have worked in software like Corel Painter where I have used digital equivalents of natural medias.

In my professional career I started off working in newspaper doing infomational graphics. I also created digital ads and set up the digital ad creation system replacing the old paste up method that is still in use today.

My next job was working at Kodak. It was there that I gained an appreciation and understanding of color. I also gained an expertise in color.

In my position at EMC I gained an expertise in working with Adobe InDesign. I also worked as the support team expert for Adobe Creative Suite.

With the advent of digital painting software like Corel Painter, and Photoshop software has been developed to contain many special painting  abilities. In many cases the digital equivalent feature is very similar to its true functioning counterpart. Using this graphics software I create  unique works of art.

Because I use digital software to create digital works and that is why I created  my web site Prints by Design. 

Everything on this site is created by myself, the web site, the logos, the samples… It illustrates my diversified background. I have a satisfaction guarantee for all my work.  Details are on the Shopping cart page.

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I have examples of projects done in many areas. Samples have been broken down into categories and are reachable by clicking on the buttons at the left. Thank you for taking the time to check out my web site.